24 - 25 October, 2017 | Pullman Sydney Airport , Mascot, NSW

Post Conference Workshops: Thursday, 26 October 2017


8:00 am - 12:00 pm Booktopia’s Automated Distribution Centre, Lidcombe

Phillip Haddad - Chief Operating Officer Booktopia
Since 2014, Booktopia have moved from a low rise to a high rise site which has allowed for a fully automated system. This has seen significant improvements for the cycle rate, a 30% business growth, improved operational capabilities, a 97% next day shipping rate, and ultimately enhancing the experience for the customer. This is your chance to visit the automated warehouse, and discuss with other professionals how might this work for your operations.

How you will benefit from the site tour:

  • See the fully automated site and how it operations.
  • Understand how the automated system allows for shipping capabilities of 32,000 units from 6,000 from the previous manual system.
  • Visualise the benefi ts and challenges of having a fully automated system.
  • See how the staff are trained to use the automated site in action.
  • Moving to a automated system and what this means for staff in terms of training and up skilling.


Phillip Haddad

Chief Operating Officer


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm Applying Lean Principles to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Wastage Across Your Warehouse Operations

Lean Principles not only advocates waste-free operations in your warehouse, but is a vital cog that can influence your customer’s perceived value on your organisation and help you gain a competitive edge in the market. To adapt Lean Principles, you must build self-awareness and understanding of each person’s role within the warehouse and the pre-requisites for enabling the successful integration of such strategies. This workshop will go in-depth into transforming your warehouse and distribution centres to increase efficiency and reduce wastage.

What the Workshop will cover:

  • Collaborating between your 3pl provider and the customer.
  • Innovating warehouse solutions to increase value and improve efficiency.
  • Reducing excess inventory through JIT methods.
  • Empowering your staff to continuously innovate and improve through using LEAN principles.